War on Land Insurance

Most, if not all marine cargo transit insurance includes coverage against loss or damage to cargo caused by the risks of war and civil war amongst other similar risks.
What is not generally known is that since the onset of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, London underwriters have limited the cover provided against loss or damage to cargo caused by war and civil war to only whilst the cargo is in transit by air or sea, and not whilst on land.

In order to provide the protection that banks or finance houses insist upon for those of you that transact business to, from or within high risk countries, WCAworld Risk Management is able to provide cover for ‘war on land’.

Our Expertise

We cover a full range of cargo risks whether by sea, land or air, travelling anywhere in the world. Each cover is individually created to address the risks involved and will include an appropriate range of extensions providing wider coverage than is offered under standard Institute or market clauses.

  • Secured by first class insurers – Talbot
  • Lloyd’s of London Security

War on Land Cover

Loss of or damage to the subject matter insured caused by:

  • War, civil war, revolution, insurrection or civil strife arising there from, or any hostile act by or against a belligerent power
  • Capture, seizure, arrest, restraint or detainment, arising from risks covered under above, and the consequences thereof or any attempt thereat
  • Derelict mines, torpedoes, bombs or other derelict weapons of war

Our long standing client and broker relationships, along with a diverse product portfolio allow for a tailored approach to managing all our clients’ needs.

Please direct any questions or inquires to the WCAworlds Risk Management team at: serviceteam@wcaworldriskmanagement.com