General Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is designed to protect your customers’ interests for the value of their cargo; as a result it protects the freight forwarder from potential claims involving the cargo. Cargo insurance is purchased by your customer and should be promoted by the freight forwarder.

This secure, specially designed online cargo insurance service is exclusive to members of WCAworld, offering a host of unique benefits including:

  • cover for a full spectrum of cargoes and voyages, sorted by HTS Codes
  • competitively priced premiums combined with no-cost “broad form” coverage
  • no deposit premiums or proposal forms
  • high, pre-authorized limits
  • delivery of quotes, certificates and status reports directly to your desktop
  • fast, easy access to the world’s largest network of professional independent claims surveyors
  • dedicated service teams for larger or more complex shipments
  • automated monthly invoicing
  • automatic multi-currency premium calculation
  • full compliance with international financial services regulations

Freight forwarders offering their customers top-quality insurance at highly competitive rates adds value to the overall service your company provides. By insuring the customer’s cargo it provides peace of mind for both the customer and the freight forwarder. It’s also a potential source of additional revenue, improving overall profitability of opening a file with little additional effort.