About WCAworld Risk Management

WCAworld developed Risk Management to provide financial protection between members and security through its three main components:

  • Gold Medallion Member to Member Protection
  • Freight Services Liability (FSL)
  • Cargo Insurance

These benefits translate directly into increased business if promoted.

WCAworld cares about the health of our members’ business and has a responsibility to make sure everyone knows which members carry proper insurance. Members that are properly insured gain peace of mind knowing their business is financially protected. In addition, their agents and clients benefit from knowing that when a claim occurs, members are financially secure.

WCAworld is focusing its efforts on protecting its members as well as their customers and agents. WCAworld will promote members that are properly insured regardless of where they get their insurance. These members will receive this seal of approval emphasizing the member as a properly insured freight forwarder. The seal will be located both on our members’ listings and members' pages on the WCAworld website.

Forwarders who are properly insured should make sure their clients are aware of this, because promoting this benefit can lead to substantial business gains. Put it in your sales material that you are insured, letting your clients know that you and they are protected. It’s all about peace of mind.

The Risk Management program is designed to help members stay in business by ensuring as many as possible are covered by an effective insurance policy against the risks that their businesses run everyday. WCAworld strongly recommends that every member make certain they are properly protected.